BRE Annual Science Fair

Our 7th Annual Science Fair is on Friday, April 27th. The Science Fair was open to all students at BRE. We had an amazing day celebrating these young scientists as they presented their findings through demonstrations, experiments and inventions. Based on our scoring rubrics when presenting to judges, we are proud to announce our winners below.
1st Place Jackson R Home-made Radio
2nd Place Eli R Solar Powered Wooden Car
3rd Place Emmery B Swirling Colors
First Grade    
1st Place Brennan M How the Idaho Springs Water Wheel Works
2nd Place Stella H Which State's Soil is the Most Fertile?
3rd Place Bobby S The Bounce Factor

Second Grade    
1st Place Maycee T Theories of Dinosaur Extinction
2nd Place Elise B Apples to Apples
3rd Place Jackson S Sink or Float

Third Grade    
1st Place Sophia P Shake, Rattle, and Roll
2nd Place Maggie B Are Brown Eggs Tougher Than White Eggs?
3rd Place Lyric T and Amelia M Will It React?
Fourth Grade    
1st Place Kiefer D Are All Water Bottles Created Equal?
2nd Place Selah B Static Elecricity
3rd Place Colter T Power of Static Electricity
Fifth Grade    
1st Place Tatum H Butterfly Tea
2nd Place James B Electromagnetic Fun
3rd Place Gavin R, Cole M, and Josh B How Do Video Games Affect the Brain?